residents against care home closure - [carmarthenshire]
The following files contain Support Information so you can read and make up your own minds:
1. This is the Reply to the Consultation Report from the Council Officers as of
the 25.01.2011
2. This is an overview of the Consultation up to 17th of October
3. This is the summations of the recommendations from the Task and Finish Group
4. The Second Meeting with the Task and Finish Group attended by all the members of the Group - Questions etc.
5. The first Meeting with the Task and Finish Group attended by one member of the Task and Finish Group - discussion points.
6. This is the Consultation Document that the Councillors have to vote on.
Concerns in RED are commented in.
7. This document is a general observation by an independant comentator after reading the Consultation Document
8. This is a report on the dangers to the frail elderly throughTransfer Trauma
9. A Report on Carmarthenshire's Unpaid Carers
10. Assurances that Care Home Jobs would not be cut made by Kevin Madge and Bruce McLernon
11. Cuts in Budgets lead to cuts in Carers visits and Incontinence Problems
12. This is a report on the failed policies of other Councils that Carmarthenshire is basing its Care Provision on.
13. This is a document from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which states that Care in Residential Homes is essential as part of the Care Provision for the Dependant Elderly 
14. This is a spreadsheet with the breakdown of all Residential Care Homes both Private and Local Authority run, with available Vacancies as at December 2009
15. This document indicates the change in policy regarding the Care for the Elderly by Carmarthen County Council
16. This document discusses the need for Residentila Care Homes
17. This is the Inspection Report for Caemaen Care Home 2009
18. This is a description of the only Extra Care Faciity in Carmarthenshire
19. The Council has also cut its "Luncheon Clubs" which has proved a lifeline for lonely elderly people - even by  the Councils own admissions - read their reasoning behind their decision...
20. An early set of recommendations (2002 / 2003) by the Council showing all the options regarding LA owned Care Homes at that time, including costs and legal reasoning.
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